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26 Project: A web gallery

The final part of DPP before final Assignment 5 considers production of a web gallery and discusses displaying images to their best advantage. I have had a website for my bird photography for a number of years and update this as I take more images.  Here is the link to Dave Bartlett Bird Photography. The […]

Exercise 25 Sharpening for print

The requirement here is to take an image that I have already processed and to select one which has edge detail and smooth areas – obviously a portrait is ideal for this and I selected one from the RPS studio portraiture session I attended last year.  A portrait offers options to explore the variable effects […]

24 Project: Finishing

Part Five, The Final Image, concludes DPP and contains elements on Finishing, Building a Web Gallery and Sharpening.  This first section on finishing the image discusses back-ups, prints and sharpening. Back-ups of original and finished images are of course essential and a true back-up needs to be stored remotely from the original source files.  My […]

Exercise 23 Alteration

The final exercise in Part 4 is all about deliberate and blatant alteration of images and requires the removal of a single large element from an image.  I chose a photograph from amongst the series I took in London and opted to remove the bin from alongside the cart.  This set what I felt was […]

Exercise 21 Enhancement

This exercise moves on to the next level of intervention and encourages the student to go beyond what many would regard as reasonably acceptable changes and challenge the reality of an image. The first objective is to take a close up head and shoulders portrait photograph using natural light and with the face in the […]

Exercise 20 Improvement or interpretation?

This is the next step on from the minor corrections investigated in the previous exercise and looks at more significant retouching.  The exercise image needs to be a portrait in a setting and the requirement is then to use a manual selection tool to select just there area of the person or face.  Following this, […]

Exercise 19 Correction

The first exercise in Reality and Intervention is around probably the lowest level of image correction and is focussed on dust spots on the sensor and polygons as a result of lens flare. I try to ensure that sensor spots are minimised and clean the sensor whenever I think an unacceptable level of spots have […]

Exercise 18 Colour into tones 2

The final exercise in the third part of DPP is another insight into turning colours into tones and explores the utility of channel adjustment in creating a specified effect.  The OCA notes suggest that one subject is selected from a landscape where depth is emphasised by strengthening haze, a portrait where skin tones are lightened […]

Exercise 17 Colours into tones 1

Converting an image from colour into black and white allows experimentation with the colour channel sliders to establish how each slider lightens or darkens the grey tone of that particular colour.  For example, increasing the red channel in a black and white image will make the red areas in the original colour image go pale […]

Exercise 16 Strength of interpretation

This exercise is all about the removal of the element of colour from an image and the impact this has on the outcome of post-processing and interpretation of the tonal range.  The key point is that in black and white it is possible to make far more sweeping changes to brightness and contrast than might […]

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